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Life starts from within, unfortunately we have all been conditioned to believe who we are and what we are capable of...

Life does not have to be that way!

Everyone comes from his or her unique place...

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Nir Steel Mindset influencer and coach

Nir Steel

“You need to get lost at least a hundred or a thousand times to find yourself...”

Nir Steel

My Story

I was born in Israel and immigrated with my family to the US when I was sixteen years old.

I come from an entrepreneurial home, my father is a real estate developer and my mom has always been working with him.

I know what it feels like starting a new life in a new place, our social and economic needs and the need to make a new place feel like “home”.

My very first big success was at the age of twenty when I had my very first startup that originated at my room while I was still living with my parents.

I did not have so much technical skills but I was hungry for success and quite honestly did not yet “personally” fail...